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Gut Health Support

A New Way to Think of Grape!

Gr8pe is a carefully crafted blend of Grape Pomace (grape skins, seeds, and stems), Vitamins & Minerals. This special formula is designed to boost & revive your gut health.

Just 1 Scoop

Experience the power of Gr8pe's unique blend of Vitamins & Minerals, designed to revive and boost your gut microbiome for optimal vitality.

7 Calories

Gr8pe is just 7 calories per Scoop and Sweetened with Non-GMO Monkfruit Extract

Discover 8 Exceptional Benefits

How to Use

  1. Measure out 1 Scoop (5 grams)

  2. Mix it into your favorite food or beverage

  3. 3. Enjoy!

Love the idea - but not the Added Taste?

We got you! Try our Neutral Formula. Designed to be added seamlessly to your favorite beverages & foods