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How GR8PE Came to be

“Radioactive Iodine treatment cured my cancer at 12, but it left my intestinal wall chemically burned. I’ve been dealing with it for over 25 years. When I saw Dr. Tako's ground breaking research,I knew we had to bring this to everyone.”
- John Zuccarello, Co-Founder

We Wanted to Answer The Question : How do you get Dr. Elad Tako's research to the most amount of people, in the most accessible form?

GR8PE: A Joint Venture between a Renowned Cornell Scientist and Award-Winning Product Developers

At our core, our vision is a harmonious blend of environmental responsibility, economic empowerment, and consumer well-being. We aspire to reduce the substantial food waste generated by the grape juice and wine making industry, transforming what would otherwise be discarded into something extraordinary. Through this commitment, we seek to create meaningful job opportunities in New York State, fostering economic growth and sustainability. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to enhancing the gut health of our consumers by crafting a product that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also nurtures the body from within. Our mission is to cultivate a versatile and enjoyable offering that not only reduces waste but transforms it into a source of delight for all who experience it.

Our Vision